Gdsii stream format manual v6.0

GDSII Stream File Translator - Agilent GDS = Graphic Database System Initially, GDSII was desned as a format used to control integrated circuit photomask plotting. The GDSII Stream File Translator is a bi-directional graphics file translator. It can create files in GDSII Stream file format from Advanced Desn System layouts.

GDS2 - org The reddish structures are polysilicon gates, and the solid at the bottom is the crystalline silicon bulk. GDS2 Stream Format; Backus-naur representation of GDS2 Stream Syntax; GDS2. Used to be NUYPES per Calma GDSII Stream Format Manual, v6.0.

GDSII Stream Format - Cornell NanoScale Facility - Cornell University GDSII stream format, common acronym GDSII, is a database file format which is the de facto industry standard for data exchange of integrated circuit or IC layout artwork. Portions of the GDSII Stream Format Manual, Documentation No. B97E060. If this record is omitted, then top-left justification and font 0 are assumed. STRING

Gdsii stream format manual v6.0:

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