Me1000 metal embosser manual

Hh Speed Metal Plate Embossing Machine CIM USA Other features of our ME Series include: Character Fonts: Embossing or indenting: Simplex1, Simplex3, OCRB1, Block, Block USA, Double Block, Double Long Block, Maxi Block; negative Embossing (Elite Dog Tag). Measurements are defined according to the base of the character. ME1000/2000. ME2000DM. ME2000VS. Manual Dog Tag Embosser. ME1500DM - rugged, hh speed metal tag embosser with 2D data matrix barcode.

Manual 35% de Réduction - Le Plus Petit Prix Sur Manual. Input Hopper Capacity: ME1000: manual feeding/ME2000: 250 plates (0.016") variable dimensions.

Metal Marking Machines ME1000 is a fully automatic, manual. Output Hopper Capacity: ME1000: manual feeding/ME2000: side eject or FIFO elevator (250 plates). ME1000 is the top of the line fully automatic manual feed metal plate embosser.

Acheter En Métal Our metal embossing machines are built with both manual and automatic loading and unloading to accommodate your production preferences.

ME SERIES METAL EMBOSSER 1000 - 2000 - Our new, innovative 'single point access' manual feeding solution ensures that your embossing will be done rht every run. Electrical Requirements: 117 V / 60Hz - 230 V / 50 Hz Embossing Area: Up to 2.5" from the top edge of the plate leaving free 0.16" from the bottom. Me series metal embosser 1000 - 2000 features used by automotive assembly plants shipyards steel plants military manufacturers of white goods motors valves

CIM Embosser ME1000 - ID Services B City Manufacturing offers the most versatile, durable metal plate embossing machines for the most demanding working environments. The CIM ME1000 is a heavy duty metal plate embosser desned for tough use. With an easy to use hand-feed input mechanism, the ME1000 can feed tags as small as.8"h x.

Me1000 metal embosser manual:

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