Manual variador de velocidad weg cfw 09

<em>Variador</em> <em>WEG</em> <em>CFW08</em> VECTOR INVERTER - YouTube

Variador WEG CFW08 VECTOR INVERTER - YouTube Current limiting, multi-functional input/output terminal Frequency setting mode Operation panel setting, terminal UP/DN setting, host computer communication setting, analog setting AI1/AI2. Variador multibombas con falla de falso contacto subido para que se analice la falla y se cambie por garantía.

Olsina Motores

Olsina Motores Frequency range 0.00~300.00Hz Note: Upon the control mode of vector control 1 0.0~3000.0Hz, which can be customized according to the customer demand Startup frequency 0.00~60.00Hz Acceleration/deceleration time 0.1~36000s Powered braking capacity Braking unit action voltage: 650~750V; Operating time: 100.0s; DC braking capacity DC braking initial frequency: 0.00~300.00Hz; DC braking current: Constant torque: 0.0~120.0% DC braking time: 0.0~30.0s; there is no initial waiting time for the DC braking to realize quick braking Magnetic flux braking function Ongoing action and no action upon deceleration as option, no action upon deceleration at default Unique functions Multifunctional M key The unique multifunctional key is used to set the frequently used operations: JOG, emergency shutdown, running command reference mode switch , menu switching Multiple menu modes Basic menu mode, fast menu mode. Manuales y Catálogos · Catálogo Automático WEG. ¿Sabia usted? El 41% de las fallas que ocurren en los motores eléctricos se deben a rodamientos y el 37%.

<i>CFW</i>-09 A User's Guide -

CFW-09 A User's Guide - E5-H series inverter, is an universal inverter with simple vector control, can also realized constant pressure water supply (if proffessional function for constant pressure water supply is needed, E5-P series inverter should be selected ), E5-H series with following outstanding features: 1、Sine wave PWM control with vector control; 2、Built in PID function; 3、Wide voltage adaptability, AC260V~480V input, DC350V~750V input; 4、Containing a variety of fan and water supply energy saving mode and energy saving rate selection; 5、With sleep and wake up function. MANUAL. ATTENTION! It is very important to check if the inverter software version is the same as indicated above. 01/2011. Series CFW-09. Software version.

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