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TEMS INVESTATION 14.1 USER'S MANUAL Publio Moreno. Patoss 4.0 Patoss 5.0 Patoss tools Tems investation Tems Cell Planner Tems Discovery Aircomm Netact Planner Agilent Aexio Atoll 2.8, Global Mapper, Map Info and All RF Planning, Network Planning and Optimization Overview In general, Drive Test can be define as a methode that used to verify the actual condition of RF snal certain operator at certain place. If there are more than one logfile we can merge it by Merge Output 9. Give Prefix : Ded if Dedicated and Idle if Idle 11. Open the exported file into Map Info : Menu Tab File - Region Ranges 18. NT12-7002 ver 1.0 i TEMS Investation 14.1 User's Manual 2.2.8. Improved. Scanners in TEMS Investation 13.1. 19 2.3.10. Software Update Service.

Patoss Tems Investation Tutorial Tems Investation 2 Several functions of drive test : - Analyzing customer complaint of certain operator in their home or office area - Finding problem in BTS ( Timeslot Check, TRX Check, Swap Feeder) - Analyzing the result of optimization process (continuity and all of area) There are softwares can be used for drivetest that installed on laptop. Here the steps to start learning drivetest with TEMS Investation :a. TEMS Handset (complete with Charger, Headset, Data Cable) and USB Hub 2. Scanner for WCDMA (Ext Antenna GPS and RF, Data Cable) 6. Battery and Charger Example postion of that equipments in car : B. TEMS Investation 8.0.3 will immediately detect so-identified tools and appeared in. In the previous TEMS under version 8, we have to manually enter the tools, as an example we use the T610. To put. Posted by Patoss 4.0 at PM.

AQM in TEMS Products Including PESQ Use 2G or 3G confured workspace (with spacific map : road, route, cell file) 5. Resulting from the use of this document. conducted in TEMS Automatic and TEMS Investation. see step 10 in Fure 2, page 7 – a PESQ-like score can be obtained for shorter. logfiles manually to the ComServer.

Popular Tems Investation-Buy Cheap Tems Investation lots from. Make sure all equipments confured to the rht port 6. After all equipments connected (symbol green), window gps, serving nehbour gsm, current channel and events will be full filled 8. Buy Tems Investation from Reliable China Tems Investation suppliers. Free shipping D / EMS + TEMS 10.x & 11.x & 12.x + Prof Software + full lic. Use Mobile Phone ; Features Matte ; Package Yes ; Compatible Phone Brand. Reports, Making Payment, Delivery Options, Buyer Protection, New User Guide.

TEMS Investation 13.1 Download Free trial - Investation.exe Laptop (installed TEMS Investation) and Adapter 3. Laptop Confuration Set Power Management Laptop always On : Start - 1. Load Cell file : Confuration - Select Directory 3. Result of Report Generator in *- Map Info (Plot IEs)Before post process in mapinfo, created *file from logfile in TEMS : 1. Setup IEs (Info Elements) for GSM Dedicated or Idle : - Rx Lev Full (d Bm) - Rx Lev Sub (d Bm) - Rx Qual Full - Rx Qual Sub - SQI - TA - Cell Id - Frequncy Band - Latitude - Longitude for WCDMA Dedicated / Idle / Scanner : - AS Cell Name - AS CPICH Ec/No - AS CPICH RSCP - SAN CPICH Ec/No - SAN CPICH RSCP - SAN Cell Id (CI Part) - Sc 1st Aggr Ec (d Bm) - Scanner - Latitude - Longitude 5. Days ago. TEMS Investation is a complete solution for wireless network. Best new tweaks coming to Windows 10. You MUST use Windows 10.

Patoss Tems Investation Drive Test On layer control remove all layer except Pinpoint, Cell, Event, AMR, RF Quality and Coverage layer 2. Select Quick logging and setup size of swap file “after reaching message “ 4. Export logfile : Menu Bar Logfile - Export Logfile 2. Laptop installed TEMS Investation and Adapter. 3. 4. 3. Use 2G or 3G confured workspace with spacific map road, route, cell file. 5.

TEMS Investation 14.1 User's Manual Image Scanner - Scribd Don’t forget to lock TEMS Handset into GSM only or 3G only. To start drive test, click record then start command sequence 10. TEMS INVESTATION 14.1 USER'S MANUAL This manual is provided by. 10 2.1.6. Manual Pinpointing Mode in Pinpoint Window. 10 2.1.7.

Inter-Cell Interference Impact on LTE Performance. - Técnico Lisboa Up to 11.6% improvement and user's throughput up to 27.3% hher throughput. Page 10. Annex E. User's Manual. TEMS Investation 13.1.33.

PDF TEMS Investation 10.0.5 - Ascom - Yumpu PDF TEMS Investation 10.0.5 - Read more about tems, investation, phone, support. BEST PDF Investator and Fraud Fhter Guidebook Operation War Stories DOWNLOAD ONLINE. PDF DOWNLOAD Investative Report Writing Manual for Law Enforcement and Security. 157 / 466 · 8k / 10k · 30k / 112k.

TEMS Investation 14.1 cal Product Description - Livingston Jun 15, 2012. 10. 2.1.6. Manual Pinpointing Mode in Pinpoint Window. 10. New Connectable User Terminals in TEMS Investation. 14.0.

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