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Operating instructiOns - Magnum Research Print 11/18/03 8 :35 AM Page 1 Desert Eagle Pistols Mark XIX, Mark VII, Mark I OPERATOR'S MANUAL 357 Magnum 41 Magnum 44 Magnum 50 Action Express 440 Cor®Bon Magnum Gas Operated Semi-Automatic Pistols Manufactured by Israel Military Industries . CAUTION: To ensure safe operation and to prevent damage to your pistol, read entire operator's manual before operating pistol. ■ The pistol chamber is chrome plated to facilitate easier cartridge case extraction. Insert the firing pin stop (semicircle part up.) Push the firing pin in with the combina- tion tool and slide the stop further in until the firing pin engages the hole in the stop. 20 Mark l/VII/XIX Disassembly of the trger mechanism assembly 1 . Push the grip pin in with the combina- tion tool through the small hole in the bottom of the grip and push the grip cover downward to release it (f. Care and cleaning includes the magazines, which must be kept free from rust, grit, etc. After cleaning, wipe dry and coat lhtly with gun oil. Never use abrasive or metallic objects, synthetic cloth, dry cleaning fluids, detergents, acids, lye, water or steam for cleaning. Reassemble pistol (see page 1 9) and make sure it is functioning properly. Desert Eagle Gas Operated Semi-Automatic Pistol. Read and fully. Parts lists. Desert eaGLe.50 a.e. PistOL, MarK XiX. barreL asseMbLy Page 9. Key Part.

Desert EagleTM Pistols Mark XIX, Mark VII, Mark I Print 11/18/03 8 :35 AM Page 2 Notes Print 11/18/03 8 :35 AM Page 3 1. ■ The polygonal rifling reduces barrel wear and enhances the obduration between the bullet and the bore, thus increasing accuracy. Make sure the safety catch is in the "FIRE" position. Install the firing pin spring and the firing pin, with its "narrow" section facing down (f. USER IS ADVISED TO READ THE ENTIRE MANUAL PRIOR. TO HANDLING THE PISTOL. The Desert Eagle Pistol — U. S. Patent — 4,563,937. Magnum. Mark XIX.44 Magnum.44 Magnum.50 AE. Length, with 6-inch barrel. 10.48 inches.

Desert Eagle Video Operation Manual 5. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS ■ A safety catch, operable from either side, blocks the firing pin and at the same time disconnects the trger from the firing mechanism. The slide, the bolt and other moving parts of the pistol must be kept clean and lhtly lubricated to ensure proper operation. Upon receipt of the pistol, disassemble (see page 19) and inspect it. Clean pistol as per periodic maintenance procedure. Any heavy or sticky deposits of protective material may be removed, using very lht rust-preventive oil. Clean all stripped parts with a lhtly oiled soft cloth. Attach the patch holder to the cleaning rod; slip a dry patch into the patch holder and clean the bore. Clean the bore and chamber of the barrel with an oiled patch slipped through the patch holder. Introduction 2. Safety Check and Test of the Safety.

Magnum Research Brochure & Manuals Remove barrel from pistol, place reamer head in cylinder and work back and forth to remove lead deposit. Firing Pin Tool - used to push in the firing pin, to allow removal of firing pin stop, to allow removal of firing pin. Bolt Guide Pin Tool - used to pull the bolt guide pin, from the bottom of the slide to remove bolt from slide. (WARNING: Wear safety glasses when disassembling the magazine — the magazine spring is under tension and could cause serious eye injury if released suddenly.) 11/18/03 8 :35 AM Page 8 3. With both thumbs on the projection at the top of the butt, pull the front edges of the grip backward to remove it from the butt (f. In order to maintain accuracy the barrel must be serviced thorougy. Magnum Research's PDF brochures and manuals. Baby Desert Eagle Owner's Manual. PDF, 2 MB 5.5"w x. Mountain Eagle Owner's Manual. PDF, 2.5 MB

Full text of "Magnum Research Desert IT IS DANGEROUS TO ALTER OR MODIFY THIS FIREARM IN ANY WAY ANY ALTERATIONS OR MODIFICATIONS OF THE FIRING MECHANISM MAY RESULT IN THIS FIREARM BECOMING UNSAFE AND NULLIFIES THE FACTORY WARRANTY USER IS ADVISED TO READ THE ENTIRE MANUAL PRIOR TO HANDLING THE PISTOL FOR THE FIRST TIME. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ■ Make sure that the pistol is unloaded and on "SAFE" position before: — Receiving or handing over a pistol. ■ Ensure that the Safety is in the "SAFE" position (front end of the safety lever is down) when: — Inserting a magazine. — Always be sure of target backstop and what lies beyond it. Looking into the barrel end (muzzle) is not recommended at any time. GENERAL INFORMATION The .357, .41, .44, .50 AE and the .440 Cordon DESERT EAGLE are gas-operated, semi-automatic pistols. Hook the sear onto the trger bar and press the hammer mechanism assembly down; make sure that the pointed bottom ends of the hammer mechanism assembly engage the rear of the frame. Insert the hammer pin and the sear pin into their respective holes. Replace the grip partly over the butt and then squeeze the grip home with your hand. In the first stage of travel, trger force is low. The ATM setting may be tested by cocking the hammer manually and squeezing the trger. Trger travel adjustment: Insert a screw- driver through the magazine housing opening to turn the ATM adjustment. CARE AND CLEANING General Comprehensive knowledge of how to service and handle the pistol is of great importance. Using the cleaning rod and patch holder, dry the chamber and bore with a clean patch. Print 11/18/03 8 35 AM Page 1 Desert Eagle Pistols Mark XIX, Mark VII, Mark I OPERATOR'S MANUAL 357 Magnum 41 Magnum 44 Magnum 50 Action Express. Field stripping is simple since the pistol has only six main parts, including.

Operating instructiOns - Magnum Research
<i>Desert</i> <i>EagleTM</i> Pistols Mark XIX, Mark VII, Mark I
<i>Desert</i> <i>Eagle</i> Video Operation <i>Manual</i> 5.

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