Desert eagle 50 owner's manual

Safety and instruction <i>manual</i> <i>Desert</i> <i>Eagle</i> cal.177 4.5

Safety and instruction manual Desert Eagle cal.177 4.5 Print 11/18/03 8 :35 AM Page 1 Desert Eagle Pistols Mark XIX, Mark VII, Mark I OPERATOR'S MANUAL 357 Magnum 41 Magnum 44 Magnum 50 Action Express 440 Cor®Bon Magnum Gas Operated Semi-Automatic Pistols Manufactured by Israel Military Industries . CAUTION: To ensure safe operation and to prevent damage to your pistol, read entire operator's manual before operating pistol. ■ The pistol chamber is chrome plated to facilitate easier cartridge case extraction. Insert the firing pin stop (semicircle part up.) Push the firing pin in with the combina- tion tool and slide the stop further in until the firing pin engages the hole in the stop. 20 Mark l/VII/XIX Disassembly of the trger mechanism assembly 1 . Push the grip pin in with the combina- tion tool through the small hole in the bottom of the grip and push the grip cover downward to release it (f. Care and cleaning includes the magazines, which must be kept free from rust, grit, etc. After cleaning, wipe dry and coat lhtly with gun oil. Never use abrasive or metallic objects, synthetic cloth, dry cleaning fluids, detergents, acids, lye, water or steam for cleaning. Reassemble pistol (see page 1 9) and make sure it is functioning properly. Desert Eagle cal.177 4.5. safety instructions found in this owner's manual and keep this. CO2 cartridges may explode at temperatures above 122°F 50°C.

Details about Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun User

Details about Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun User Print 11/18/03 8 :35 AM Page 2 Notes Print 11/18/03 8 :35 AM Page 3 1. ■ The polygonal rifling reduces barrel wear and enhances the obduration between the bullet and the bore, thus increasing accuracy. Make sure the safety catch is in the "FIRE" position. Install the firing pin spring and the firing pin, with its "narrow" section facing down (f. Heckler & Koch MP5 Submachine Gun User Armorer's Instruction Manual H&K. Magnum Research Desert Eagle Pistol Gun Owner's Manual.357.41.44.50.

<em>Desert</em> <em>EagleTM</em> Pistols Mark XIX, Mark VII, Mark I

Desert EagleTM Pistols Mark XIX, Mark VII, Mark I In addition to its hh accuracy, it offers the convenience of fir- ing standard rimmed .357, .41, .44, .440 Cor®Bon or .50 AE cartridges, which are widely available. Reamer Head - used to clean lead deposits from the gas cylinder. Grip Pin Tool - used to push in grip pin, to allow removal of handgrips. Magazine Disassembly Tool - used to push in the magazine base catch pin on the bottom of the magazine to allow removal of base and disassembly of magazine. Remove the hammer pin and the sear pin with the appropri- ate punch (f. The location of the transition between stages may be adjusted to be at any point within the trger travel, by trger travel adjustment. The ATM may be mounted in any DESERT EAGLE pistol frame, is standard on Mark VII and Mark XIX. Special attention must be paid to cleaning, lubricating and inspecting the pistol; this will deter- mine whether or not the pistol will function properly when you need it. While cleaning, inspect all parts for wear and damage; make sure the bore and chamber are free from rust. Assemble the pistol (see page 19) and make sure it functions properly. USER IS ADVISED TO READ THE ENTIRE MANUAL PRIOR. TO HANDLING THE PISTOL. The Desert Eagle Pistol — U. S. Patent — 4,563,937. Magnum. Mark XIX.44 Magnum.44 Magnum.50 AE. Length, with 6-inch barrel. 10.48 inches.

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